The best variant of doors in premises is wooden doors as from a wood file, and noble type of breeds of a tree. For today doors wooden are considered preferable at furnish of houses, and as apartments. Doors wooden are the present ornament in the house, and in them the natural beauty and nobleness of natural wood is visible, its healthy charge is capable to create pleasant atmosphere of calmness.

From a natural tree it is easy to wooden doors to find the place in any sorts an interior. There should not as be problems and with colour  there wooden doors. Our company establishes doors wooden of a pine, an oak, a cherry, a beech with the most different shades. We will pick up a colour shade for yours for any interior.

Quality custom doors wooden are not cheap acquisition. The high prices speak such major factors as, application of exclusively manual skills at manufacturing of doors, and for the reason that the tree for doors should not have any defects. Quality of entrance doors and their price consists in direct dependence on time, and as applied technology for просушивания wood ways on which the wood file, and type of a definitive covering is stuck together.

Panels of wooden doors are made of a wood file and consequently it is possible to avoid as , and defects at door colouring. Cloths of doors wooden , the covering is carried out by dye, after the double layer of earth is put, and then there is a finishing polishing. The given technics of manufacturing of doors wooden will be in the ended kind is pleasant for admirers of natural type of the invoice of a tree.

To the door ending wooden are varnished. It is necessary both for appearance wooden doors and for this purpose what to warn drying and  wood.

Our company will establish to you doors wooden operatively and qualitatively. Our experts will pick up the best variant of wooden doors for your interior.

We have got used is ordinary to concern doors. Daily we open and we close tens doors, without realising their important role in our life. Behind each of them there is a set of the small worlds of which our life consists. Behind some of them there are our possibilities and success, behind others the most expensive that at us is – our house, a family, children. Doors preserve us against a cold in the winter and keep a cool in hot summer days. They hide our family centre from strangers and friendly swing open before the family. Wooden interroom doors are the most popular element of the interior, capable excellent to solve a design and functional problem, to satisfy the most refined taste. Wooden doors are harmless and universal, and it not all their advantages. Despite occurrence of new materials and technologies, wooden doors invariably are a choice subject, both at experts, and at owners of apartments, houses and offices. Today manufacturers of wooden interroom doors offer a large quantity of models and courageous colour variants. Various kinds of an initial material, wood as are very various. And modern technologies in aggregate with traditions of manufacturing of interroom wooden doors guarantee their highest quality and durability.

Interroom doors is integral attribute of any apartment or house. But as they carry out a little modified function of a component habitual by all under “the Door” name, also the requirements shown to them, a bit differents. Entrance doors should be first of all reliable and is high-grade to provide security of internal “inhabitants”. And here interroom doors should be… Beautiful, corresponding to the general interior of apartment or house.

Wooden interroom doors are considered as the traditional. Representations are combined with a tree about graceful durability and noble house elements. Installation of the doors made of a tree, depends on a set of door components. Unlike standard representation about a wooden door as about dimensional “piece” of a tree, such door assumes a certain set of “details”. The main thing here is the so-called wooden cloth, that usually and name a door. On those materials of which it is made, and carry an interroom door to a certain category. Wooden interroom doors make certainly of wood. Proceeding from value of this wood count a total cost of a door. Interroom doors from mahogany are considered as the most expensive. Also interroom doors make of deciduous and coniferous breeds of a tree. The great popularity was got just by””coniferous”interroom doors thanks to a wood pliability at processing.

Also important elements of an interroom door are the box, platbands and, certainly, accessories. Door handles, loops, finishing chains and decorative locks concern door accessories. The wooden door can be in an original way decorated by unprofitable inserts from an interline interval, a carving (that also is very expensively estimated in the world of door manufacture), stained-glass windows and mirrors. To buy interroom doors now does not represent work, the main thing – precisely to define concrete wishes concerning a door that after its installation you with confidence could tell: «My house – my Beautiful fortress».