Use of a bamboo for a floor is a new tendency or general hobby for a fashionable material?
Recently for the device of floors in premises of different function even more often use bamboo coverings. Basically it is all it is caused by that a bamboo covering – a safe natural material which on the basic properties is very close to wood.

As well as traditional kinds of timber floors, a bamboo it is very universal and, actually, a little than differs on a floor from a wooden parquet floor with well trimmed surface or from a covering from a three-layer parquet board.

There is a huge set of bamboo floor coverings of various types and colours from various manufacturers all over the world. In the Ukrainian market this kind of floors is presented, basically, the Chinese firms-manufacturers.

Numerous the companies and dealers, offer the clients, the broadest choice of a bamboo of the various sizes, colours and kinds of furnish of a surface. Basically such coverings are delivered in the form of boards with a trimmed obverse surface. They can be easily established with use as glutinous  a way, and a floating set.

Bamboo floors – the ideal decision for those who wants to have rich and graceful timber floors, but cannot allow it to itself because of their high cost. The bamboo cannot be carried to the category of wooden materials. Actually, a bamboo as the plant, is characterised as grass type, however floors from it floors wooden possess the same beauty and warmth, as. Thus bamboo floors have considerably term of operation and higher stability to moisture influence.

The durability of bamboo floors is their huge advantage before other kinds of floor coverings. The bamboo possesses high firmness and to cave-in in it of firm and sharp subjects. At appropriate leaving bamboo floors will serve you long time.

Fashion and tendencies in the modern world of floor coverings have set of directions, the majority from which towards use of natural wood. Timber floors involve many consumers with the infinite charm and beauty. They are especially popular in those people who appreciate natural materials in everything, and as at those who wishes to avoid occurrence of the allergens usually arising at use of carpet floor coverings.

Warmer and much more durable, in comparison with others, timber floors are widely applied now both in public premises and in the inhabited. Today a bamboo are economically expedient alternative on a way to achievement of that kind, beauty and durability which are inherent in timber floors.

Some recommendations about use of bamboo floors.

Depending on a board design bamboo floors can be longitudinal (with a longitudinal direction of fibres) and cross-section. Floors from a longitudinal bamboo always look more gracefully. Bamboo fibres on such to a floor are less appreciable. At the same time use of a cross-section bamboo will give to your floors the characteristic is rude-contrast structure of a surface sated with small textural details. This type of a bamboo floor approaches for small premises on the area more.

If you want to give to your room elegance it is recommended to use карбонизованный a longitudinal coffee bamboo with a cherry or walnut shade.

If you prefer a natural kind of a floor, you will accept not trimmed bamboo parquet which, as a rule, has light colouring and, will look it magnificent in or in a small premise, creating thus effect of lightness, space and increase in width of a room.

At packing of a floor from a bamboo keep in mind that the direction of fibres in a bamboo lath has great value. Be convinced that for floor packing indoors you have the laths of one type prepared in necessary quantity, either cross-section or longitudinal. The combination of laths of a cross-section and longitudinal bamboo extremely is not recommended.